Before you ask that question… stop! Chances are very good that it’s already answered on this page.

Why haven’t you reviewed my book yet? When will you do so?
If your book hasn’t been reviewed yet, there are several possibilities as to why this has happened.

  1. The book just didn’t lend itself to a review. That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad book by any stretch of the imagination (bad books are actually rather easy to review), just that for whatever reason there wasn’t a specific aspect of the book that grabbed me and said, “You must write a review.”
  2. The book is sitting in the stack of books-to-be-read, or the stack of books-to-review. The Read About Comics PO Box receives approximately 20-25 submissions a week. Read About Comics only runs three reviews a week, and this includes the things I buy on my own. What this means is that a book can get sent in, warrant a review, but not make it up to the top of the stack for months. This says more about the number of quality books that are received than anything else!
  3. I didn’t receive it. From what I can gather, this is pretty rare. Mail delivery can sometimes slow to a crawl around here, but there has only been one time where someone swore up and down they’d sent an item and it never arrived. (There have been times where it showed up two weeks after being mailed to me.)

If I keep asking you when you’re going to review my book, will that speed things up?
Ok, this isn’t really a question, it seems to be an assumption. And I hate to sound mean, but the answer is no. If anything, it can slow things down for you. (If everyone who sent in a book started e-mailing me, I’d spend the time alloted for writing reviews by answering e-mails.)

Are there any types of books you will/will not review?
Most anything is acceptable, with a couple of exceptions. Prose books will rarely make it into the review column. Children’s books that do not have some sort of comic/sequential art connection (either in content or presentation) are also a difficult sell. Neither of these are impossible to make it in, but they do have a disadvantage. How-to books have even less of a chance.

Didn’t some of these reviews use to be at iComics.com?
Yes! When Read About Comics launched in August 2006, I moved a portion of the reviews from iComics over to Read About Comics.

Why didn’t you approve my comment?
Non-spam comments are usually approved, but posting multiple responses in the space of several minutes (apparently due to boredom) will result in most if not all of the comments to be deleted. Additionally, comments containing personal attacks on myself or other people will also not be approved.

Can I submit a comic for review?
Sure! Here’s my new mailing address, as of late 2011:

Read About Comics
343 Cedar St NW Suite 302
Washington, DC 20012-2066

You haven’t answered my question!
If your question wasn’t on this page, then please drop me an email. Thanks!