First Time

Written by Sibylline
Art by Alfred, Virginie Augustin, Dominique Bertail, Capucine, Jérôme d’Aviau, Dave McKean, Cyril Pedrosa, Rica, Olivier Vatine, and Vince
112 pages, black and white
Published by NBM

What happens when art meets erotica? In the case of First Time, that seems to be exactly what the book is trying to find out. Writer Sibylline and ten different comic artists team up for a wide variety of "first time" stories, each with the artist’s own signature style. The end result, though? Despite one writer on each of these ten stories, the book’s contents are wildly variable in terms of tone and quality.

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Luke on the Loose

By Harry Bliss
32 pages, color
Published by Toon Books

On the whole I’ve been pretty pleased with the Toon Books lineup of comics and picture books for children, especially titles like Otto’s Orange Day and Stinky. Generally speaking, they’ve grabbed my attention almost instantly, dragging me into the story. I was a little surprised, then, when I read Harry Bliss’s Luke on the Loose. In many ways, I think this is a first for Toon Books—in that while the main story is just average, it’s the re-readability of the book that makes it interesting.

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Angel #19

Written by Kelley Armstrong
Penciled by Dave Ross
Inked by George Freeman and Dave Ross
32 pages, color
Published by IDW

With the wild success (both creatively and financially) of Dark Horse’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight, it makes perfect sense that we’d see the same thing for Buffy spin-off show Angel. IDW’s Angel: After the Fall got to explore the entire city of Los Angeles being sent to Hell as a direct result of the end of the Angel television series; now that Los Angeles is back on Earth, the After the Fall subtitle is gone but the comic is continuing. With a new creative team on board, it seemed like a good a time as any to check the title out.

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