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By: Gabriel Tue, 21 Oct 2008 13:51:40 +0000 I don’t know this author but one thing that amazes me is why non-Spanish speakers use terms or names in Spanish and they almost always use them in a wrong way or just “create” names that are directly stupid. Is there anybody that knows spanish and can buy a country named “Parador”? Is as stupid as if I pretended to use in a comic book a USA town or city named “Joe’s Diner” or the like.
If you authors want to use names or words in Spanish in your comic books, please LEARN Spanish or just consult someone that knows well the language.
Sorry about the rant, but it’s about a tendency I see over and over in USA comics, TV series and even novels.
On the other hand, you have a great page Greg and I read it every day you post new critics on comics. Thanks for your advise.