Multiple Warheads #1

By Brandon Graham
48 pages, black and white
Published by Oni Press

Have you ever read something that seems eerily familiar, but you can’t even begin to place where you think you’ve seen it before? That was the problem I had when I first read Multiple Warheads by Brandon Graham, as its inaugural issue kept reminding me of something that I couldn’t place my finger on. It wasn’t until over a week later that it finally began to sink in. It wasn’t that I had read something like it before, but rather a wish to see this kind of book that was only now being fulfilled. Only in the case of Multiple Warheads, it’s probably a wish you didn’t even know you’d made.

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Potter’s Field #1

Written by Mark Waid
Art by Paul Azaceta
32 pages, color
Published by Boom! Studios

There’s an old adage that there are only a limited number of plots in the world, and that every story is just a slight variation on those ideas. (Some people claim the actual number is three, others go for seven. The fact that there’s no clear consensus on the number of actual plots says a lot in its own right.) But on a similar level, I think it is fair to say that just as two stories with the same “plot” can be radically different, so can different stories with the same basic set-up. So when I say that Mark Waid and Paul Azaceta’s Potter’s Field reminds me of Andy Helfer, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Kyle Baker’s run on The Shadow from the mid-80s, I’m not claiming that Waid and Azaceta are stealing or ripping off The Shadow. Rather, that it’s a familiar set-up that will certainly make fans of the old book a little nostalgic and probably very happy.

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