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By: Ysgarran Mon, 31 Mar 2008 17:28:50 +0000 News:
01.24.08 Artesia Besieged #3 returns April 2008!

By: Erica Tue, 21 Aug 2007 03:24:49 +0000 I love Artesia too, and I am still hoping for a completed Besieged series, and maybe more.

By: Mike Wed, 25 Jul 2007 15:40:57 +0000 I’ve been looking for any info at all on when Artesia: Besieged #3 might be out, but still no luck. I would have to agree with the previous comments, love the Artesia series but I am very disappointed in the lack of attention it seems to be recieving right now at ASP. I understand that all companies go through growing pains but didn’t we see this exact same thing with Image 10-12 years ago? Please ASP hire someone to be an editor-in-cheif and let the creators get back to creating the comics we enjoy!


By: Paul Wed, 27 Jun 2007 10:13:49 +0000 Found this while desperately trying to find new info on the Besieged series. I have to agree that I don’t understand why this isn’t a huge blockbuster. I really hope ASP will find the time and effort to at least finish this series (I guess hoping for a completed 22 series epic is futile).

By: Cal Fri, 20 Apr 2007 17:22:37 +0000 April 20, 2007

Just found this Site, while looking for any scrap of information on Besieged.
The ASP, ArtesiaOnline and The Known World Sites have at best reviews only on first or second Issues in the Series and they are almost a year old. The Forums page is down apparently, so no joy there.
So, I would like to say that even here, the information is very much outdated. The Issues have not been coming out every 2 months like clock-work, very much to the contrary in fact.
As far as being a no-brainer for the series to be tearing-up the Sales chart, well, yeah – if you can find someone who actually has Issues to sell you! Even Cosmic Therapy doesn’t have anything other than Issue #1, and they’re the place to go for Artesia, with they’re ASP connections. No one’s buying it because it’s NOT THERE…
After skimming all three Sites, all I found were out-dated references to Beseiged. And apparently, Artesia has definitely been back-burnered, everything else at ASP gets precedence and prominance/show-casing.
I’ve been a long-time supporter of Mark’s work, having participated in Beta-Testing the RPG and being involved in the Forums for years. But the last 2 years, yes – that’s 2 years, it’s been really kinda dismal. :( Every sign so far points to lack of focus for Artesia-Beseiged or future installments of the Series.
From what I understand, Mark has planned the Series to be 22 six-issue installments. One a year perhaps. Ok..well, if you do the math, 3 completed installments in 8.5 years. Since Beseiged seems to be MIA right now, I’m not counting it. And the last Issue of Afield was printed Feb 2004. It’s been well over 3 years since a completed Series hit the market.

And while all the other works going on at ASP are making for a successful publisher, the loss of being able to count on Artesia coming out reliably and timely is a lot to bear. I love Artesia…damn it! I want it back.

So, that’s my two-cents. No one will probably read anyway. Whose even looking for Tidbits on Artesia?


By: John Dominguez Mon, 18 Sep 2006 16:34:24 +0000 I really loved this comic, but dropped it. It was so hard to tell the difference between characters after awhile. I wish the creator would learn to draw just a couple of more faces, would pick it up again in a second.