Go-Go Girl #1-3

By Craig Bostick
12 pages (#1), 24 pages (#2-3), black and white
Published by Aquaboy Drawings & Design

Some comics are fun to read. Some are enjoyable. But only a rare few fall into a special category, which is snazzy. Trust me, when you find a snazzy comic, you’ll know it, and that’s exactly what Craig Bostick’s Go-Go Girl is.

Go-Go Girl has a rough life. She’s meeting men in all the wrong places, dealing with hairspray-eating monsters, and her friend’s snotty nephew. Thank goodness she’s Go-Go Girl, which means that she looks fantastic and can down a martini in record time. When you’re that fabulous, baby, the rest of the world just needs to catch up.

Go-Go Girl is one of those comics that just makes me laugh from start to finish. Bostick’s got a sly sense of humor that’s very much on display in the writing, as he takes ideas like the rampaging monster that terrorizes town and puts his own unique stamp on them. The stories are goofy and fun as Go-Go Girl stumbles through one situation to the next. Go-Go Girl herself has just the right level of cynicism and sarcasm tied into her personality; she comes off exasperated and annoyed, but in an almost good-natured way. She’s fun to watch grumble her way through situations, and you want her both to succeed and to fail, because the latter is going to be pretty amusing in its own right.

Bostick’s art reminds me a lot of Jaime Hernandez’s early work on Love & Rockets, with its usage of heavy blacks and snazzy designs. Go-Go Girl‘s visual stylings aren’t based on other comic books or similar sources, but on fashions and trends. The end result is a sharp-looking comic where mods and hipsters reign supreme, complete with fabulous looking outfits and character designs. I must admit, though, that as much as I love the black and white interiors, seeing Bostick work with a spot color on the covers (as well as his two-color Fuchsia Galactica Summer Special) makes me yearn for a two-color Go-Go Girl comic. These are some of the coolest looking comic covers out there.

If you’ve never run into Bostick selling Go-Go Girl at conventions (as well as his other comics Crash and Fuschia Galactica Summer Special), you really need to head on over to Aquaboy Drawings & Design to get your own copies. These comics are sheer fun from start to finish, and best of all, I promise you that if you have these in your home, you are automatically a cooler person. It’s true. What more do I need to tell you? Buy these comics!

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